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At its core, the purpose for all restorations must be the improvement of the impaired stream and its habitat. C.S. Britton, Inc. in partnership with environmental engineers and designers and through the implementation of Natural Channel Design techniques makes possible stable, functional and visually attractive riverine systems.
Knowledgeable and Established Builder
“...the single most important element in plan implementation is a trained and experienced contractor...” C.S. Britton, Inc. adopted the goal of becoming a knowledgeable stream restoration builder. In order for that to become a reality CSBi embarked on an educational journey and came to embrace Natural Channel Design (NCD) as developed by Dr. Dave Rosgen of Wildland Hydrology. As a result of that journey we maintain Rosgen certified personnel who are qualified to oversee and implement the restoration as the designer intended. Not simply to put the structures where the designer "shows on the plans" but to understand the total function of that structure as it relates to the overall stream pattern and profile, facet construction and location, stream stability and ultimately habitat improvement.

There are two environments where stream restoration projects historically take place, rural and urban. Within these two areas the design and implementation requirements for each are dramatically different though the implementation goals may be the same. In most cases the rural environment will pose significantly fewer obstacles and provide more accommodating conditions for your restoration. Our construction objective in the rural environment as we implement the design is to leave as small a footprint as possible and perform the installation in the most natural manner practical. In the urban environment the restoration goals may be the same as that of the rural but the environment is quite different as you will find impervious surfaces that create rapid rises during rainfall events, lateral confinements such as buildings, roads, bridges and the like. These existing conditions require a well thought out and implemented plan in order for the restoration to be successful.

CSBi in cooperation with Environmental Designers and Engineers can help you find the best solution for your unique situation whether rural or urban.
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